Tips and technique fruits,vegetables for carving

หลักการ คัดสรรในการนำ ผักและผลไม้มาใช้ในงานแกะสลัก 1. ฟักทอง(for Pumpkins)should have thick, firm flesh.Such pumpkins have a rough exteriorso they are can makeing many nice of your stylist as you like.
2. พริก(chilies) are used for making anthurium flowers Spur chillies should be fresh and have firm skins.
3. มะม่วง( mangoes) should be fully mature and of a variety whose flesh is not too crisp. The skin should be nice color and un-wrinkled and the stem should look fresh.
4. แตงโม(Watermelon) should have red flesh and green rinds with no bruises or wrinkles.
5. สัปะรด(Pineapple) should have large eyes. The leaves should be fresh and green and there should be no shrivelling of the skin or stem.
6 .ฝรั่งสด(Guavas) should be those that are just becoming ripe. The skin should be a fresh light green skins and there should be no bruises or scratches.
7. แอปเปิ้ล(Apples) should be fresh with glossy, brightly colored skins and no bruises.
8. พุดทรา(Jujubes) should have straight fruits with green skins and no bruises.
9. ละมุด(Sapodillas) must be firm, so avoid fully ripe fruits. The skins should be even and clear. Avoid sapodillas that have been dyed for the market. Their skins have a dusty appearance.
Rose-apples should have clear, fresh looking skins.
10.มะละกอ(papaya) must be fresh,the skin should be even and clear.

fruits and vegetable for carving Here what you should do before carving fruits and vegetable as well

1.vegetables or fruits that must be washed and cleaned thoroughly.

2. Use knives with stainless steel or bronze blades. Knives with ordinary steel blades will cause discoloration of fruits and vegetables.

3.please Do not carve excessively so as to avoid waste and loss of nutritional value.

4. The designs that carved should be appropriate for decorating a plate of food thus, floral patterns are suitable, while figures of animals.

5. for works Vegetables to be dipped into sauces should be cut to appropriate sizes .

6. Vegetables chosen for carving should be appropriate to the dish in which they are to be used, and they should be vegetables which are resistant to wilting, such as Chinese radishes and carrots. Special Thanks By Chef Claire..

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